The success of an educational system stems from an institution’s ability to provide students with builidngs and environments that are conducive to learning and fostering an academic community. The broad range of spaces that constitute a learning environment allows for creative interpretations of how students can and want to learn, a skill that the firm has refined throughout its history. As a result of this specialization, the firm is fully conversant with new trends as well as key design and technical issues involved in understanding how these buildings fit within the context of campus and community.


One of the most significant areas of growth in campus student life is sports and recreation centers. As more people now consider exercise a part of their daily routine, growth in demand, coupled with an increase in the variety of exercise methods and the evolution of the equipment, has dramatically changed the facilities required. Furthermore, it is important to recognize that different users have different preferences; any facility should ideally offer a range of opportunities. Our office has designed both varsity facilities that require acute attention to detail, as well as student recreation facilities that serve the entire university population with a variety of spaces that fit their needs.


Our office takes pride in its deep understanding of acoustical performance, staging, lighting, and their overall integration with new and existing building systems. It is paramount that performance spaces be tuned according to the type and style of art being produced or exhibited, ensuring a precise integration of state-of-the-art sound recording and absorption systems, video recording and editing equipment within a facility. While maintaining ideal conditions for the artist, there can be no sound bleeding into unwanted zones. Creating performance and practice spaces for both professionals and newcomers allows a client to offer unique moments of collaboration that further the discourse of study.


In a field that is consistently at the forefront of research and development, it is critical to provide the appropriate facilities to support both commercial and academic studies. Our team has successfully equipped our clients with a multitude of laboratory types, from wet labs to dry labs, from research labs to teaching labs. Thoughtfully installing and retrofitting spaces with data, heating, air supply and extraction, light, moisture, and life safety requirements. This not only equips the current users with state-of-the-art facilities but sets up the space for future advancements in technology and practices.


Civic and cultural buildings embrace the local character and context while drawing people together for important moments of community and cultural celebration. Our team understands the role design can play in properly reflecting the values of each client and, therefore, the overall success of a project. Increasingly, we see our civic and cultural clients leveraging sustainable design as a way to reflect their community values, and our design teams find innovative ways to incorporate new technology and practices to achieve these goals. kbl Architects enhances urban environments by integrating interior design, architecture, open spaces, and streetscapes through thoughtful strategies and collaboration with our clients and the communities they represent.


It is a unique opportunity to create the buildings in which people live, raise a family, and grow old in. Our office works at all scales ranging from luxury single-family homes, Multi-Family buildings, and university Domoritoires. Throughout each project, we strive to create spaces that people can call home and build community  in and around.


How people work and sell their products, and therefore the nature of a commerical workplace, is ever-changing. kbl Architects has exceptional skills in providing our clients with a tailored space to allow them to function at their best. Our office has designed commerical offices, co-working, and hybrid spaces throughout New York City, often transforming historical and outdated buildings into open and welcoming environments to conduct business.

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