Higher Education

Baker Field Renovations

Columbia University’s  Baker Field athletic campus is located adjacent to Inwood Hill Park at the northern tip of Manhattan. Over a series of design phases, this highly constricted and environmentally sensitive site was improved to provide the Football, Crew, Baseball, and Tennis teams with upgraded facilities.

- The new tennis facility consists of six new state-of-the-art courts enclosed by an air-supported structure that spans 350 feet, providing year-round play.

- A new spectator area with tensile supported netting backstop, new batting cages and pitching bullpen for the baseball team, and a new football locker room. 

- Additionally, the new crew facility replaces three existing shell storage / repair buildings with a single new structure and an aerobics facility on the mezzanine.

All of these projects considered the natural site, a boulder landfill, which required extensive improvements, including compliance with Department of Environmental Conservation requirements for previous fill to prevent runoff into the river.

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