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Town Street Condominiums

With plenty of housing stock in nearby neighborhoods and few downtown amenities, it is difficult to encourage living in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  Therefore, these condominiums provide a critical mass of 120 units and plenty of amenities.  The 40-foot cubic module mimics the scale of the stately homes (now converted to offices) lining the street.  In the vertical dimension, 40 feet allows for a generous three and one-half floors. The half-floor allows the cubic volume to accommodate thickness for handrails and soil in the roof gardens. 

The half-floor also allows for differentiated conditions.  For instance, the building has two tops, half, and full floors, as the modules flip on one another.  The cubes are collected in Is, Ls, Zs, Ts, and Us for neighborhoods and to add presence to the complex. 

The change of material and the different colors add a playful character to the ensemble. The project spans the alley to the “back 9,” putting green.  From the entrance court to the putting green, to the pool deck, to the private gardens, one is never far removed from the outside and views of the downtown.

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