Thebuad Hall

The main campus boiler plant in the basement of Thebaud Hall has been supplying steam-based power to the Fordham University campus since the building was first constructed in 1886. Although the building has been added to, altered, and renovated numerous times in subsequent years, the boiler room had remained largely intact and in near continuous use for 135 years. a remarkable feat considering the building's wood-framed floors and cast-iron columns.

The project updated this vital campus system in addition to providing the offices of Enrollment Services with improved interior space planning and finishes, and new HVAC systems throughout the building. In order to complete this technical challenge, the boilers and associated equipment were removed, and temporary shoring towers were installed to support the second and third floors while the existing structural members were replaced with new steel framing and concrete deck. The new boiler plant is installed within the renovated structure and connected to the existing distribution network. While renovations to the rest of the building include all new HVAC units on each floor.

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