Higher Education

Spiritual Care + Art Heals Mission Building

The Spiritual Care and Art Heals Missions Building is a contemporary approach to holistic healing that will support patients, families, staff, and the broader community needing treatment. Situated on the center piece of Roswell Park's Campus, the new addition’s goal is to provide a meditative and spiritual retreat for those in need, while enhancing the existing parks features.

On the ground floor a glass wall pulls the park into the Art Heals Mission space which consist of a gallery, studio, office for the art director, and art & material storage. The first-floor block is pulled away from the existing building to allow for improved sunlight inside and to establish a meditative retreat with two non-denominational spiritual spaces, a communal foyer for receptions, washrooms, and offices.

With Panorama views of the park, the natural beauty is projected into the worship spaces, creating a serene setting. Above a lush rooftop garden is filled with therapeutic and sensory specific plants to offer visitors views of the campus.

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